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Dear Prospective Customer:

Welcome to the Home for bilingual Services. Our team serves the special bilingual needs of all the school districts, bilingual parents and their children working along with all special services   and their district.

We have included all the information about our services, our timeline, and other general information that may be useful to you.
Contact us by email  or by Phone:  973-952-2850 or by Fax: 973-952-2851, if you need more information before making your final decision to make a formal referral to us.

We deliver the best bilingual services in any languages. We do so with excellence and promptness because we are the outstanding leader in helping parents and children with special bilingual needs

Serving you is Our Business and we are looking forward to hearing from you.


Dr. Andre J. Francois, Ph.D.
Director and Coordinator
The Bilingual Child Study Team®




























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The Bilingual Child Study Team®





















We are a Community-Based Provider of Special Bilingual Services "Home for All Bilingual Resources"