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The Bilingual Child Study Team® serves the special educational needs of all the children. We specialize in doing special bilingual evaluations, translations, and mental health services in most languages. We are Unique in the sense that we offer our services in a diversity of languages targeting population of students from 2 years old to 21 years old with their parents and their school districts.

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Our Customers always come back because of our promptness and our reliability in doing what we do best. What we do best is to serve you.

We are helping special services in understanding bilingual children special needs. In the process we facilitate the education and the best methods to prepare their students to become the future leaders of the world.
































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The Bilingual Child Study Team was founded in 1997 by Dr. Andre J. Francois, Ph.D. The purpose was and is still to provide bilingual services in the form of bilingual social, speech, educational, and psychological evaluations to students at risk with special needs.

Our goal is to continue to develop a greater awareness among parents with children of bilingual background and to help them understand the process of special education in their own native languages. We intend to play a vital role in establishing a better interaction between school districts and parents with children of special needs. We are the leader number one in this field.


We dedicate ourselves to promote Excellence and reliability in servicing special bilingual needs of students and parents with children of bilingual background.

We are Eqwal
Opportunity Employer registered in the State of New Jersey with the Office of Affirmative Action. Our Services are done only by certified specialists with many of experience in their respective field of specialization.

.We have
a timeline of a minimum of 45 days to produce a report after you make your formal referral.

.Our bills are due upon delivery of our product which is the report for the bilingual evaluations you requested. We promote prompt and excellent services on the basis of a mutual business relationship.

Referral must include:
.Full name of student or child
.Full name of parent
.Current update address
.Current update Phone number
.Optional background info







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